DubaiNow – تطبيق دبي الآن Recenzje App

Best payments method

I make all my Etisalat and Salik payments here and have been for a few years. Two taps and you’re done! Great UI and UX especially after the recent update for iPhone X. The dashboard is just great and shows all the important information I need. Thank you for this app, exactly what every Dubai/UAE resident needs to make seamless government payments!

Pretty good

Needs iPhone X compatibility. Face ID is a plus.

New design!

Why do I need to see the lengthy splash screen on load, and still no iPhone X support!!! Still buggy, If it’s not ready then why release it!

A step backwards

I was excited to update the app to latest version as I always think of getting new features however, this new update is horrible. 1. My dashboard preferences have not been saved as per previous version. 2. I cannot find a way to customize dashboard. The user experience is a complete fail and I just wish I hadn’t updated to the latest version. P.S. i used to love and promote this app. Now i am not a happy user.

App No longer works

With the new update the app doesn’t work anymore. The app crashes the moment I try to log in. I have come to rely on this app a lot and it not working is very inconvenient

new theme

the new theme is not as good as the previous one. For example, the summary of 3 months doesn't show amounts so only a graph. I can't add or hide shortcuts on the dashboard. Actually i didn't like it. Please go back to the previous theme.

New Rebranding Crashing

It’s crashing after the rebranding!


The first REAL app for Dubai payments. Very well connected. Thank you so much. This app is beyond a awesome!

Excellent App

Amazing App, first of a kind from a Government around the world Amazed by Saad and how smart and cognitive he is One stop shop app indeed


This app literally has covered everything!

Smart Application

It is indeed a smart, collective idea where you can manage your financial payments & other gov. Need & uses.

Excellent App

Keep it up ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Unable to login

Poor service, after registering an account, i am unable to login

Very convenient

It's very practical to be able to manage most bills straight from one app.

Smart apps

Dubai Now must be one of the easiest to use Governments apps anywhere This is clearly in line with the the great vision of the UAE


This app is more than perfect.

Adding Du account still doesn't work

I like this application, the premise of centralizing all services and due payments in one place is amazing. Unfortunately not everything works as it should. I have waited for this update hoping it would fix the Du issue, until now this is not possible. Trying to add Du account returns "invalid service data" every time. I hope this gets fixed soon. Otherwise great initiative!



App Crashes at login

I'm trying to log into this app using 'MyID' but the app just crashes / auto closes as soon as I press the 'LOGIN' button. I'm using an iPhone 5S running the latest iOS version 9.3.2 Please resolve.

All in one app

Very good services, altogether in 1 place. Please include visa services as well. It will be great help. Thanks, Hisham

Limited services. Primitive interface.

Does not match Dubai's vision as a world leader in e-services.

Great App...thanks Dubai!

Very useful and practical app for the Dubai resident. Now u pay all my utility bills, Salik and parking using it! Thanks !

Incorrect alerts

App is providing incorrect prayer timings in notifications but when you open app timings are correct

مشكلة الدخول login

في كل مرة أحاول الدخول للحساب من التطبيق لا ينقلني التطبيق لصفحة الدخول بل اضطر لحذف التطبيق واعادة تنزيله من جديد واجهت هذه المشكلة بجهاز ايفون٦ وجهاز ايباد٤ على الرغم من ضخامة الخدمات المقدمة بالتطبيق الا أن هذه المشكلة تنغص علي استخدامه ولكم الشكر

Very useful app

The app is of great value as it consolidates services of the Dubai government relevant to the resident under a single app.

Additional app request

Kindly add Fewa App




Good application but it crash . I own I phone 6


Simple, beautiful and excellent. Hakim

Mr. Saif

Extremely helpful App. Keep it up dubai gov.


It's really a worthy application, love it.

Great app!

More services please!

Great app

It has all the Gov services

Nice app

Very helpful. Contains a wealth of information.



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